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Solex Pharma Inc. is a logistics integrator that works in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Solex Pharma Inc. is a logistics integrator that works in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It provides turnkey solutions that support the operations and data management generated by our business partners’ supply and distribution activities.

You will be guided through all your specifications by our team of supply experts whose specialized training is constantly updated by our in-house Pharma Sourcing Academy to serve the healthcare products industry. From assessment, selection and procurement to manufacturing and quality control, our people protect your products and brand, and ensure your clients are 100% satisfied and your financial objectives are met.

A perfectly healthy offer

Our services provide a highly secure environment for our clients’ products throughout the supply chain and distribution cycle by:
The Solex Pharma quality assurance team ensures your products are kept in a GMP-compliant environment (quality management system compliant with Health Canada, validation and preventive maintenance protocols, continuous temperature monitoring for online facilities,deviation handling programs, CAPA and Change Control, etc.)
Solex Pharma’s staff are highly trained and skilled in quality assurance with experience in GMP regulations and compliance with the GUI-0069 standard, audit support management, product detention and recall capacities, arrival inspection and sampling processes, a secondary packaging, sorting and inspection programme, and more.
Our facilities, equipment and systems meet the regulatory requirements and our expertise in validation can assist you in obtaining certification for facilities, systems and equipment (GMP and GUI-0069 compliant facilities and storage areas, management for warehouses and other systems to meet governance and data integrity requirements, equipment [including IQ/OQ/PQ documentation], etc.)
In our quest to provide our customers with just-in-time supplies at their various points of sale, we created a service infrastructure that can efficiently meet current pharmaceutical and healthcare management operational environment criteria.
We added a control mechanism that relies on high-tech equipment with built-in automatic monitoring sensors that digitally track the temperature and humidity levels of the products we distribute.
Throughout the handling phase, Solex Pharma complies with high security standards: PIP and C-TPAT certified storage and distribution centres, temperature/humidity/fire prevention monitoring, 24/7 controlled access, the Government of Canada’s Controlled Goods Program, secure data hosting.

The new standard in the supply
and logistics chain



  • In-house Pharma Sourcing Academy
  • Continuous training of seasoned experts
  • Quality assurance

  • Usage analysis
  • Specifications streamlining


Knowing the market concerns and trends
  • Materials concerns
  • Manufacturing techniques

Specialized supplier base
  • Always two choices per category
  • Analysis based on time slot and choice based on equipment
  • Technological sourcing


Cost and process transparency
  • Control process and viewing at every stage
  • Quality control, sample
  • Standards and licenses:
    • Health Canada standard
    • NHP
    • OTC
  • Operating license
  • Before stocking, sample checked internally before inventory acceptance


Smart inventory integration
  • Viewing, traceability
  • 24/7 localizing


Logistics, flow and stock management




  • Quality control
  • Product
  • Quantity


  • Flexible batch management
  • Quarantine area
  • Easy recall management
  • Online viewing of warehousing conditions (humidity, temperature)

  • Pest control
  • Access control
  • Cleanliness control
  • 15-25°C standard
  • Surveillance system

  • CTPAT and PIP
  • Partner in CGD protection
  • Cybersecurity: maximum security (CGD)


Temperature watch
  • Temperature watch (packaged at the right temperature)
  • Access to real-time temperature

Smart packaging modelling
  • Labour/handling,
  • contents
  • Weight/volume versus shipping cost

Closely managed kitting
  • Traceability
  • Fraud inspections
  • Quality oversight for packaging integrity


Specialized supplier base

  • Always two or more choices per category
  • Analysis based on time slot and choice based on equipment
  • EDI with the largest distributors
  • Shipping companies: Quality-compliant temperature (requires refrigerated trucks)
  • Real-time traceability
  • Management of rights and system access


  • Consumption, inventories, consumption by location
  • Recommendations on optimizing the entire chain based on quarterly reports


  • Recall management
  • Returns SOP
  • Permanent standardized protocol

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