Solex 3E

Welcome to Solex 3E

Our Efficiency, Expansion & Economic division (3E) comprises various services intended for companies conducting B2B activities across Canada as well as foreign manufacturers who wish to take advantage of the recently concluded free-trade agreements for developing a presence in the Canadian market.

The term “Efficiency” takes on its full meaning through the exceptional nature of the “turnkey” service we offer to our local and foreign customers, which includes warehousing, inventory management, restocking (minimum inventory levels), and distribution. A local or foreign manufacturer using this “turnkey” service can log into our SOLEXIS computerized system from his own office, regardless of its location, in order to access his inventory, check product availability, select a customer, create an order and generate a delivery order. Our employees take it from there, and take care of picking, packing and shipping the order.

Solution Extrême is particularly well prepared to welcome and serve these new businesses and help them develop their market presence in Canada.