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In keeping within warehousing and distribution services, Solex has developed document management solutions designed to meet the most demanding logistical requirements from an operational and information control perspective.

The centerpiece for this business model calls for an interactive web portal that rallies the information necessary for sound information control to the accessibility of the Internet. This will provide your User network and Managers the ability to

  • Access a detailed catalogue so that documents warehoused in our various distribution centers can be searched and consulted, including electronic document versions and electronic corporate assets
  • Process stock releases for shipments to the various locations of your enterprise, whether your activities are of a local, national or international nature
  • Distribute the aggregated document transactional costs according to pre-set cost center ventilation requirements
  • Benefit from the contribution relative to the network of specialty document manufacturers utilised for inventory replenishments, once critical reorder levels have been reached

Should your sales development activities call for the preparation and distribution of promo kits tied into a focused promotional effort, Solex can provide value added services that will help you meet your objectives in an efficient and timely manner.

The definition of User privileges combined to our training and assistance services will support your daily Document Program operation. Ultimately, the database resulting from document transaction activities will highlight potential saving opportunities and provide most interesting controls to your Document Management Program.